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Nose Shaping


The nose is often the most distinguishing and visible feature of the face. Its shape is determined by genes, growth, and occasionally by trauma. In addition to being a prominent feature, the nose is, of course, highly functional.

Nose shaping, or rhinoplasty, is an operation that changes the appearance and/or function of the nose by reshaping the skin and underlying framework. The nose can be made more proportional to the rest of the face, humps can be removed, and bulbous or boxy tips can be refined. In addition, the nose can be straightened, both inside and out, to facilitate breathing.


If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, or if you have breathing problems caused by your nose, you may be a candidate for nose shaping or rhinoplasty.

The Operation

Rhinoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia or sedation on an outpatient basis and takes approximately one and a half to two hours. It is performed through incisions that are concealed inside the nose along with a very small incision across the narrow strip of skin between the nostrils. Through these incisions, the underlying bone and cartilage are reshaped, the skin is redraped, and the incisons are closed. An external splint and internal splints or packing are placed.


Bruising, “raccoon eyes,” and major swelling and congestion resolve within the first couple of weeks. Blowing your nose and contact sports should be avoided initially. Since the healing process is very gradual, you won’t see the final results from the rhinoplasty until up to a year after. However, you can begin enjoying the appearance of your nose within the first few weeks following surgery.


As with any type of surgical procedure, there are some risks involved with nose shaping. Potential complications may include bleeding, infection, numbness, incomplete correction, and worsening breathing problems.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are bothered by the shape or size of your nose, or by breathing problems caused by your nose, nose shaping or rhinoplasty surgery may be the solution. Dr. Sewell will speak with you, discuss your desired results, and help you determine if you are a candidate.

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